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Purpose and Design of Residency Program

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Residency Purpose Statement

The purpose of this residency program is to prepare pharmacists who are passionate about working with underserved populations to acquire the skills necessary to practice within community pharmacy and primary care settings.


Residency Program Description

The community pharmacy residency program at the Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center and Pacific University School of Pharmacy, will focus on developing pharmacists as leaders within the profession with an emphasis on the role of pharmacy in community health centers. The intent of the program is to prepare independent pharmacy practitioners to practice in a rapidly changing healthcare environment. This program offers the opportunity for a pharmacist to:

  • Provide direct patient care in ambulatory and inpatient settings, participate in team based health care, and develop clinical pharmacy services in a patient-centered primary care home;
  • Serve as an educator of patients and health care providers, as well as instruct and precept pharmacy students in various settings;
  • Gain the skills and experience needed to operate and manage a community pharmacy;
  • Facilitate interrelationships between, and within, the healthcare systems in our community to deliver high quality, culturally appropriate care and to improve patient transitions between care settings.


VG Residency Conference

In addition to scheduled rotations, the resident will have the opportunity to participate in the Virginia Garcia Pharmacy Residency conference. This twice monthly learning experience is intended to facilitate discussions between residents and preceptors about clinical and practice management topics. Primary literature and patient case presentations will be included in this learning experience, as well as discussion of guidelines, standards of care, formulary and resources available within the Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center primary care clinics. 


  • Clinical topic discussions

    • Core disease states

    • Primary literature and discussion of controversies

  • Case and drug information presentations

    • Peer review and feedback

  • Professional development discussions

    • Professional involvement, leadership topics

  • Practice management

    • Business plan development 


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