About Tuality Healthcare Department of Pharmacy

Link to health care website: http://www.tuality.org/home/


Description of Practice Site:


Tuality Healthcare is a local, independent, community-governed healthcare system in western Washington County, offering inpatient and outpatient treatment, specialty services, health education, and preventative screenings. The pharmacy department provides inpatient and oncology treatment unit services and is a 340(b) hospital. Optimizing the distribution model through expanded use of the pharmacy’s automated dispensing system and decentralizing pharmacist services to allow pharmacists to work more closely with nurses and doctors on hospital floors have been recent practice model changes at the site. 


Resident's Activities at this Site:


The resident’s role in training at Tuality is to gain a complete understanding of how patients receive care across the continuum and how those transitions of care can be improved to avoid common handoff errors and medication reconciliation issues. The resident will spend an initial 4-5 weeks at the hospital completing orientation and training in the pharmacy to understand the drug distribution system and pharmacy services.  From there the residents will alternate in 2 week blocks to complete the longitudinal transitions of care rotation for the entire residency year.