About Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center


Link to health care website: http://www.virginiagarcia.org/


Description of Practice Site


The resident will spend >25% of their time at the VGMHC which is a federally qualified community health center that provides over 132,000 office visits to more than 34,000 patients a year in Washington and Yamhill Counties. The center has five primary care clinics, multiple dental offices and school-based health centers, and also provides outreach to schools, community health fairs and to migrant and seasonal farmworkers at local camps through a mobile clinic.


VGMHC focuses on providing a medical home for patients through its team-based primary care clinics. Physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, case managers, and medical assistants make up the core medical team, with clinical pharmacy and behavioral health providers supporting patients and the primary care team. Each clinic has a 340b pharmacy that works with patients and providers to develop affordable medication regimens for each patient.


Resident's Activities with the Clinical Pharmacy Program and Community Pharmacy at the site:


The Clinical Pharmacy Program was started in 2008, in partnership with Pacific University School of Pharmacy faculty. In 2009, VGMHC was awarded a Heath Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) grant to establish and expand the Clinical Pharmacy Program enabling them to hire a full time Clinical Pharmacist and Clinical Pharmacy Technician in the Hillsboro Clinic. The Clinical Pharmacy Services (CPS) team works with patients to improve their health and quality of life during consultations on medication management and overall health. The CPS team has focused on cardiovascular risk reduction, practicing under collaborative drug therapy management protocols for Diabetes, Hypertension and Hyperlipidemia. The primary target of CPS has been diabetes due to the high rate of uncontrolled Type 2 Diabetes in the clinic population. Other areas of potential expansion of clinical services based on assessment of patient needs through internal audits, national standards of care quality data, and input from the practicing pharmacists and other health care providers include:


The CPS team was involved with the HRSA Patient Safety and Clinical Pharmacy Services Collaborative (PSPC) from 2008- 2013. Through the collaborative, the CPS team has enrolled patients with uncontrolled diabetes in a population of focus for ongoing disease state management. Each year, the CPS team has shown its ability to dramatically improve the level of diabetes control in the population of focus and has been recognized by HRSA for its results in affecting patient care through improved clinical outcomes for the last 3 years. Clinical outcomes results include:


Currently, clinical pharmacists practice under collaborative drug therapy management agreements (CDTMs) depending on their training and experience. CDTMS that are approved at VGMCH include:



The clinical pharmacists and residents practice within the Hillsboro Clinic and work closely with the primary care teams and the referring providers. While training and working with the CPS team, the pharmacy resident will have a designated computer and workstation in the clinic with access to the Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems of VGMHC (Ochin Epic) and Tuality Healthcare (Cerner) as well as the pharmacy dispensing software, and access to journals and medical literature through the clinic as well as Pacific University library.


In addition to participating in the Clinical Pharmacy Services program, the pharmacy resident will have the opportunity to train in the 340b pharmacies to develop skills in operating and managing a community pharmacy. The resident will participate in contract evaluations and negotiations with insurance companies and will learn about inventory control and budgets of the VGMHC pharmacies. While practicing in the community pharmacies, the pharmacy resident will have access to the EHR of the clinic and Tuality Healthcare.